Wedding - Pura Follia
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Do you want to promise each other eternal love in an unusual, suggestive setting? Choose a unique, enchanting location!
Pura Follia will be a magical, intimate experience where your love will merge with the fragrance of sea salt, the wind blowing and the rhythmic breathing of the sails.
Something different combining the romanticism of sea and sails with something as important as a wedding.

You come from different "ships" and with marriage start sailing on the same boat gazing at the endless horizon together, immersed in uncontaminated nature offering unrivalled beauty scenarios. Enveloped in the magical atmosphere of the sea and rocked by its gentle swell, sipping a cocktail at anchor, heated by the last ray of sun in fiery sunsets, falling asleep embraced by the warm blue night, only lit by a glittering cloak of stars.

Sailing autonomously on cobalt blue sea, discovering unknown places, diving down into exciting, unique places, watching seagulls circling in the sky, free to organise your days on board or on land.
Polynesia, Mauritius, Seychelles??? We are offering you real Pure Madness, discoveringMare Nostrum. They have talked about us: Tuttobarche, Tous les bateaux, Yachting Media