A pure madness - Pura Follia
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A pure madness

To mitigate the strain of daily life. To safeguard how important our free time is. Because each holiday is different as is each traveller. Because each yacht cruise is pure well-being that fills heart, mind and soul and leaves indelible memories.
For all those reasons we wanted and built Pura Follia.

Pura Follia is a safe, comfortable, fast, elegant boat with both sails and engine. It was designed by one of the best prize-winning Italian yacht design firms and was built in Italy. It is not just a charter boat. It is our boat, for our holidays, designed exploiting years of world travel organisation experience.

If that tickles your interest in our boat for a Mediterranean holiday or for your wedding, book a visit through the link Contacts: Our staff and crew will be delighted to welcome you on board so you can see the marine and hospitality qualities of Pura Follia for yourselves.